List Broker

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Hi, everybody. Welcome to I wanna talk about list brokers. What’s a list broker? We sell lists. I am a list broker. That’s my profession. And what do we do? We sell lists. What’s a list? A list is a number of investors. It’s name, address and phone number; that’s a lead. Leads would be two or three. A list is many of ‘em. This is what a list looks like. So, that’s what we sell. We are list-brokers, and we have various types of lists that we sell, various types of leads. For instance, I sell precious-metals buyers; I sell gold investors; I sell numismatic-coin investors, coin buyers; I sell accredited investor leads; I sell high-end, high net-worth individuals, private placement buyers, all those.

So, if you’re looking for a list-broker, really what that means is a guy that sells lists. But my particular lists are only limited to accredited investors, not just investors, accredit, high-end, at least 200,000 income, a million net worth not including their home; and precious-metals buyers, bullion buyers, numismatic coin buyers, that’s what we concentrate. And, of course, franchise, a hundred thousand plus franchise buyers. If you have any questions, gimme a call. If you’re looking for that kind of product, especially mailing lists, we take the phone numbers off ‘em, they become mailing lists. Please call John Fischer at 561-239-0364. Thank you for your time, and God bless.

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