Are Oil and Gas Investors Accredited Normally?

One of the first question that we often get asked is are oil and gas investors accredited? The simple answer is that it depends on where you obtain your list, who you are talking to, and how serious you are about the vetting process. No investment should be undertaken, by a private placement, without ensuring that the investors have been vetted and are sophisticated and accredited investors. Incurring the wrath of the SEC is too much of a risk to not ask the elementary question, “are my oil and gas investors accredited?”

What are the SEC requirements?

The accreditation process is a multi-step process that looks at the investors net worth, which much be at least $1,000,00 at the time of the purchase of the investment, among other things. This ensures that the parties engaged in the private placement are sophisticated and understand the potential risks to their own investment. Other measurements for whether or not an investor is accredited involve third party verification by a CPA or attorney. Unfortunately, it is not just high net individuals or sophisticated parties that are interested in investing in the oil and gas industry. It is a multi-trillion-dollar market which attracts all sorts of people, corporations, and groups.

For the corporation, seeking oil and gas investors, this poses additional challenges in the vetting process and this is why it is critical to use a lead broker that understands the accreditation process and has stringent standards for who is on, and who is not on, the list. Whether it is a corporation or an individual it does the company no good to have to deal with unaccredited investments which can lead to significant administrative and legal challenges down the road. It is much better to understand from the outset that there are those investors who are not accredited who are still interested in giving you their money, and that it is critical not to take such an uncalculated risk by buying lists of oil and gas investors that may or may not be accredited. Sales leads makes sure that the leads we sell you is of oil and gas investors who are accredited and ready to do business.

Remember, there are legal considerations.

Finally, the oil and gas investment opportunities are large and often involve complex legal and financial structures. It is important for a company to be able to examine all options without fear of confusion or having an investor who cannot understand the sizable nature of the risk that they are taking by investing in a commodity like oil and gas. The nature of these deals and the potential for huge payouts is another reason why it is hard to come by good, well-vetted, lead lists of oil and gas investors that are properly accredited.

We take out the guess work by selling accredited oil and gas investor leads.

We have built a reputation on steering our customers right by giving them leads of oil and gas investors who are accredited so that the company can focus on the important business of investing in those relationships which lead to long term success. Order a new lead list from  

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