Define Accredited Investor

Hi everybody, my name is John Fischer welcome to Define accredited investor, I’m going to do it for you, an accredited investor is somebody that makes at least 200,000 a year for the last two years or with their spouse 300,000 combined, have a million net worth not including their home, have experience in managing their personal portfolio. If we take it a step further all our stuff is vetted by a broker dealer, we buy this data from broker dealers. They buy leads they call them up they send out a private place to memorandum they try to close the guy in the deal usually they give it to another voice, another personality because people never buy the deal they only buy the brokers.

I hope you understand that you should and a second voice now by the time you hit it with a third voice and that same company name it’s no longer effective it’s time to leave those people alone and give to somebody else that have some real closers. Don’t take it personal I’m a little bit sarcastic, but the bottom line is that you know when you go ahead and do that you give someone else a chance. You know my experience has always been that people never bought the investment they always bought me. They bought my sincerity my integrity and the fact that I love to talk about the risk which hardly anyone does I used to scare the daylights out of them. I used to tell them it’s a casino you’re going to lose all your money it’s in your pocket but not a penny more than that.

accredited investor

When I was a commodity broker and you know what people would say to me you know I really appreciate you talking about the risk you know because hardly anyone talks about it and believe me I can tell you all kinds of great sales that everyone has forgotten about. I mean if you call me up try to pitch me on investment and you don’t mention the risk I’m going to hang up on you I mean shame on you it’s not a very well balanced presentation but let’s get back to the actual topic you know and it is define accredited investor. Again he’s got to have at least a two hundred thousand dollar income for the last two years, three hundred thousand combined million net worth not including their home, experience and managing their personal portfolio. The stuff that we sell you has the actual twenty five thousand minimum and they’ve been mailed a private placement memorandum you have any questions feel free to call me 561-239-0364 and I hope that definition of accredited investor worked for you.

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