Big Dogs

Hi everybody my name is John Fischer welcome to so you know what I’m looking right now at the google rankings and you know what is it you guys punch into google when you’re looking for leads and I’m flattered I invented a brand name called big dogs matter of fact I have a website called and I’m looking at the volume on the number of people and it’s amazing that I branded that name and we’re having that many visitors let’s talk about what a big dog lead or or just plain old big dog.  I’m going to hit all three key words at one time we got a hold of this database for years and years and years as one of the biggest oil and gas guys in the state of Texas I had a connection that socialized with the guy and he was getting this stuff and he had 20 people on the phone they’re banging on dun and brad street leads strictly all businesses which is great for you have to worry about the do not call and they pretty much said hey we’re not only looking for accredited investors, we’re looking for a qualified accredited investor.

So when you’re doing a hedge fund or you’re doing a master private placement the rules change the security exchange commission does not accept the credit investors they need to be qualified accredited investors and qualified as quarter million minimum with at least 5 million in investable assets a whole different animal. So these 20 guys that work for this firm are on the phone banging calling all these dun and brad streets 5 million plus. I used to sell them the leagues five million plus in annual sales with contact names and they’re either the owners the CEO’s management whatever there was a contact name there was someone they could reach and they could you know pretty much try to qualify it and these people again quarter million minimum and they were asked have you got at least five million in investable assets.

They’re great leads I haven’t gotten them for maybe a year now but any disconnect wrong numbers you know you get replaced I’m a one-man operation. How many times can I sell that stuff I’ve actually got a client list I have confirmed buyers out of that whole list I’ve got maybe 168 people that put in 32 million dollars it’s a hot list but I’m going to tell you it’s too hot for your normal guy these days. I got to tell you the quality of salesman has really gone down the tubes it’s really bad. I feel bad for you guys that own brokerage firms because it’s just not like the old days man. The sales people just don’t have it the town’s been lost

Anyway these guys are big I mean uh these are million plus investors there’s half a million quarter million or whatever so if you’re looking for big dogs okay that’s the brand name I invented It’s  my website you can look at it poor yogi he passed away but that’s yogi was my big dog he’s a little minpin and now i have Romeo he’s a big dog and then of course of course just big dogs. I mean I don’t know why there’s such a high volume on big dogs I guess there’s a lot of other big dogs other than leads. It you have any questions feel free to call me it’s John Fisher at 561-239-0364 the originator the big dog guy himself 561-239-0364 have a beautiful day thanks for your time and god bless.

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