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Hi everybody my name is John Fischer welcome to not to be mistaken with What’s the difference? We’ve been around longer they sell cheap data, they sell info USA, they sell lead genie and they sell what we call model information. Which is the zip plus four the difference between my leads and her leads is they’re not vetted, they’ve not been read the definition of accredited investor they have that as soon as 25 to 50,000 comfortable entry-level they have not been mailed a private place for memorandum. So go ahead and pay your ten cents or seven cents or fifteen cents or whatever you know because people love to buy cheapie and you’re gonna get the cheap results. The bottom line is unless you’re doing massive dialing campaigns that stuff doesn’t work, our stuff does work. So what is an investor list?

You know not only do we do have investor list and lists, but we do accredited investors and let me tell you why most investments left out there right now there’s no more limited partnerships. No more LLCs, LLPs and general partnerships are overdone with other things left in private placements. In private placements, you have to be accredited especially the 506c so if you go to somebody and say hey I want to buy an investor list you’re going to hurt yourself especially with some of these unscrupulous list brokers. They’re going to say great I don’t have to worry about them being accredited or not.

You buy the list and then all of a sudden you ask them are you accredited. By the way, you know and then you think you assumed that investor meant to accredited, so make sure you put that word accredited in front of that investor and yes that’s what we do. We’ve been selling accredited investor leads now for 31 years we have an A+ rating. We also sell bullion, precious metals, bullion buyers, and numismatic coin buyers. Our average price is 50 cents apiece thousand dollar minimum.

If you have a san number I’ll scrub for you, if you don’t have a san number I’ll get you one. You pay for it and if you don’t want to san a number you’ll sign my indemnity form. I’ve got 1.3 million professional litigators they’re the biggest troublemakers everybody wants that list it cost me a lot of money to accumulate. These are the guys that have gone to court these are the guys that are blackmailing everybody. You know these professional litigators don’t call the FTC and report you they shake you down and they blackmail you. So wouldn’t it be nice to buy leads from a guy who has identified 1.3 million of them?

We’ve been around for a long time I’m a one-man operation you know we don’t hammer leads. I’m getting old in my young age and you know I’m a good guy but I’m just one guy and we have plenty of leads to the point where we don’t have to hammer anything. If you know what you’re doing and you’re a closer you’re gonna love me. If you suck and you can’t close your zipper nothing I give you is gonna work so we’re gonna get into some kind of a contest so if you’re not a closer don’t buy from me please. Don’t buy from me you have to be a real closer and everybody thinks as you know oh I’m going to call the guy up and yes I have my checkbook Mr. Fischer you know how much money do you want? No, it doesn’t work like that you need to have a talent you need to learn how to close people and you know how many of the people out there can close and you poor people that buy leads from me. If you have any questions about our investor list feel free to call me at 561-239 0364 that’s have yourself a beautiful day and God Bless.

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