Sophisticated Investor

Hey everybody my name is John Fischer, welcome to so let’s talk about the sophisticated investor or sophisticated investors. You know there are all kinds of like definitions of what is a sophisticated investor you know what you need to understand and what’s the most important thing you need to know is if you’re doing a reg d506c you need to have accredited investors. An accredited investor is a sophisticated investor and that’s why the security exchange commission has come up with the actual definition of an accredited investor as 200,000 income last three years or 300,000, they have to have a million net worth not including their home, they have that experience in managing their personal portfolio so that is the definition of a sophisticated investor. No, it’s the definition of an accredited investor it happens to be a sophisticated investor. So a lot of people call me up and say, John, well you know maybe they fall under the sophisticated investor or because the guy is an accountant and even though he doesn’t have the right net worth he’s still sophisticated. All you need to know about a private placement is they need to be accredited to do a reg d506c they absolutely have to be accredited if you’re doing a regd 504, 505, 506b.

In the old days, they still have them but you have to have a pre-existing relationship. It’s pretty much designed for friends and family and those guys even have a 35 exemption where you can bring in 35 non-accredited people and it just brings scrutiny it’s not up to date and you want to go to the reg d506c and we make sure that the guy is an accredited investor or a sophisticated investor. They go for 50 cents apiece for a $1,000 minimum.

If you have a san number I’ll scrub for you, if you don’t have a san number I’ll buy you one and you’ll pay for it. If you don’t want to have a san number you’ll sign my indemnity form. I have a list of 1.3 million FTC litigators they’re like blackmailers. I got troublemakers in there, I got strokers in there, I got idiots in there. So you know from being in business for 31 years you know my customers aren’t shy. Hey, John I just spoke to this guy what an idiot could you do me a favor to take his name off the list and replace him. You know what not only am I gonna do the two for one replacement, I’m gonna give you five for one replacement because I don’t wanna sell those names to anybody. I don’t want you having that kind of experience to talk to a jerk like that. 

I don’t sell Pennsylvania, Montana, South Dakota, North Dakota, Hawaii, and now California which is last June 15th. If you have any questions about the sophisticated investor feel free to call me at 561-239-0364 have a beautiful day and God bless.

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