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Hey everybody, welcome to Today, we are talking about coin leads. By the way, I own So, if you ever want to check out that website, I’m just going to put a plug in there right now. But sells accredited investment but also sells coin leads, numismatic coins buyers, bullion buyers and that’s what we do. These are people that have bought, these are not people that we’re prospecting or qualifying. You know, I believe in the coin and the bullion market that I need a bonafide buyer and the good news is a lot of these coin guys they kind of like to buy shiny things and throw them in the safe, you know, and if you’re selling something no one else is selling, they’re going to buy from you. And you know what, it’s the only client list in the lead industry that you can’t sell too many times because if you sell them to a guy who’s selling pandas or he’s selling the Buffalos or he’s selling the state gardens or whatever portfolios, whatever he’s doing, he’s going to buy from you because he is a collector.

If you sell the same crap everybody else is selling at a much much higher markup, he’s going to get smart, eventually this guy’s going to get smart and realize that ‘hey, you know what, your coins are just way way too high, you mark them up too high’. So, my people are buyers, they’ve been around, they know what’s going on and they’re great. They’re a dollar apiece, a thousand minimum. Why? Because you’re not going to hit your numbers unless you buy at least a thousand leads.

I want to make sure any time you buy these leads from me, that we both have a fighting chance for you to close enough deals to break even on the purchase and make some money to come back and spend some money. If you have any questions about coin leads, call me, John Fisher: 561- 981-8777 and we’ll let you know what type of leads and whose leads we have. Have a beautiful day and God bless.

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