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Hi everybody, my name is John Fischer. Welcome to the Real estate investor or investors, we have them. We’ve got one of the hottest 2017-2018 real estate investor lists with date-stamp, timestamp, a hundred thousand minimum accredited investors they’re dynamite. And I’ll tell you what, no one else in the country has them. $2 a piece for the 18th thing all the way to July of this year and they’re a buck a piece for 17.

If we buy some quantity we can cut a deal especially, when it’s close to my payroll. They have emails, they have date-stamps, timestamps, IP addresses. I’m telling you, there are just the hottest liens that I’ve got my hands on in the last 28 years. So, if you’re looking for real estate investor leads again, we’ve got them. You got $1,000 minimum as I said before, you got the 18 to 2 bucks a piece, the 17 for a buck a piece, they do have email addresses on them. And there’s a couple of strategies I’d like to talk to you about, how you can advertise to these people without spamming but call me first.

If you’re a serious guy and you really are looking for real estate investment or real estate investor leads give me a call, John Fischer, 561-981-8777. Have a beautiful day and God bless.

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