Accredited Investor

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Hi, my name is John Fisher, welcome to Accredited investor, let’s talk about what an accredited investor is. I mean the definition of the accredited investors 200,000 income million that were not including his own experience in managing his personal portfolio. We take it a step further. We sell name, address, phone number, these people have vetted by a broker dealer, a guy raising money for a private placement. he’s got to make sure the guys are accredited and make sure the guy has money, so he’s doing 25,000 loan units, he asks the person just $25,000 to $50,000 is that a comfortable entry level for a first-time investor. Well, whatever he says, he qualifies the guy anywhere from 25 50 or $100,000. The last thing is he’s the man of private placement memorandum.

So the difference between and is they’re gonna sell you info USA which does not have the three parts, they have not been qualified by a broker for money, they have not been read the definition of accredited investor, and they certainly have not gotten the private placement memorandum. guess what, it’s a model information and you’re making an assumption that if we take 100,000 people taking average of their income, therefore, if the average of some hundreds the guy’s accredited, it doesn’t mean he’s accredited, number one, it doesn’t mean that he’s an investor, number two, and it doesn’t mean that it’s liquid, number three, and certainly doesn’t even know what a private placement memorandum is. Huge difference.

We’ve been in business 29 years, we have an A+ rating one-man operation. I got a D that takes care of the orders for me. Sergio takes cares of the actual IT and the websites, and we clean against the litigated list out of the even those what the litigated list is. Professional DNC litigators 1.3 million of them would throwaway cell phones with do not calls on there, and if you call those guys, they come after you, they blackmail you, and they make your life miserable, and the judge’s ruling their favors. They leave messages on your phone. you call back and they give you the message they left in the phone number that has the do not call on. You call them now you call the do not call he sues you you’ve go to court, you say hey he left a message I called him and guess what, the law reads before you make a phone call into anybody. you have to make sure they’re not a do not call and then they win.

So I’m telling you something for a company like mine, spend all the money we do is to remove those litigators. That’s ridiculous and that’s the best thing that could ever happen to you. 1.3 million litigators, think about it if you have the same number struggle leads it’s 540 million people how to do not call, I don’t even think it’s sustainable anymore how many people are not on do not call, no Pennsylvania Montana South Dakota North Dakota, I’m sure they saw you those states. They’re prohibitive they’re terrible they’re the worst states ever. so if you’re looking for a credit investors, we are your source not only are they accredited but they’re qualified for money and they have a male the private placement memorandum and they’ve been scrubbed against the DNC litigators that’s really really important and that’s for free have any questions call me 561-239-0364 have a beautiful day and God bless..

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