Precious Metals

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Hi everybody, my name is John Fisher, welcome to At, we sell all kinds of leads and what I want to talk about right now is precious metals. Precious metals is a pretty vague word. When I say precious metals, I’m talking about either bullion buyers or numismatic coin buyers. So bullion would look like 100 ounce bar of gold, bullion would look like maybe a thousand ounce of silver. Numismatic coins would look like the Saint Gaudens that could be an old Morgan Silver Dollar.

Pretty much the numismatic is it’s a coin they graded to take a look at the how rare the coin is, how many were minted, and then they look at the condition of the coin itself. We sell leads for both of those, and we have a tremendous database. We have nothing but buyers. so we have on the IRA side precious metals IRA. We have a total of a hundred thousand. they all have brought some kind of an IRA precious metal deals from 2014 forward. We sell those at 50 cents apiece at five thousand minimum. We’ll let you do twenty five hundred twelve fifty to start out then go from there.

If you want the numismatic coin buyers, I’ve got a total of maybe a hundred thousand. I got one particular file I just bought they’re all 2018 TV radio Direct Mail, and some clients that were inactive. There was 49 thousand we’re down to 45 thousands now and they’ve been sold one whole time. I think thirty thousand phones and twenty thousand that were Direct Mail and they kicked ass. So on these coin buyers, we call them coin buyer 19, but they’re really 18 we bought them in 19. Forty five thousand are probably the best numismatic coin weeks out there.

By the way guys, today’s date is a five fifteen and the bottom line is this is a real hot while matter of fact if you look at the testimonials at Salesleads.TV. The mother ship you’ll see this one guide went three times a thirty day. It kicks ass. Again, if you’re looking for coin buyers we sell them five thousands and fifty cents. If you buy ten thousands, I’ve dropped the forty cents. We’ve gotten most of the disconnect out once in a while. you’ll get a guy been dead five years because it’s inactive clients are in there but if you’re looking for precious metals buyers we’ve got them both on the IRA side and the actual coin buyers. You have any questions feel free to call me John Fisher 561-239-0364. Have a beautiful day and god bless.

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