Oil and Gas Investor

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Hi everybody. My name is John Fischer. Welcome to Oil and gas investor or investors, 90% of my database happens to be that. In the beginning of this business, it was nothing about a lot of oil and gas. A matter of fact, 90% of every lead we have those are oil and gas firm. A lot of them went out of business when the price of oil and gas went down dramatically. But our bread and butter happens to be the oil and gas investor.

And every lead I have works very, very well for oil and gas investor or investors. They’re a $1 a piece, 1,000 minimum. If you buy 5,000 they’re 50 cents a piece. They work very, very well because these people have been vetted by a broker-dealer who’s got skin in the game looking to make his 10% commission. He asked the guy – he made 200,000 a year for the last two years. he asked the guy, you have a million net worth not including your home, he asked the guy, the investor, do you have experience in managing your personal portfolio, are you liquid for 25 to $50,000? The answer is yes. He mails him a private placement memorandum. This is better than any survey lead out there.

The guy received a private placement memorandum. Either the salesman’s an idiot’s putting out what we call wallpaper or he heard something, he thought that guy was a good prospect. I love those types of leads, that’s the only kind of leads I used to call like that. I let someone kill themselves trying to find a guy that sounded good and then when they said no to him because he couldn’t close a zipper; I go in, find the objection, overcome it or close it. It’s a lost art, they don’t do that anymore. But if you’re looking for more oil and gas investor or investors, give me a call at, 561-981-8777. Have a beautiful day and God bless.

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