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Hi everybody my name is John Fischer, welcome to and I want to talk about the real estate investor leads. We have them specifically it’s what we call vertical, you see in the old days we had all the oil and gas leads and the purpose was that these guys were vetting them to be accredited. Reading the definition of an accredited investor and mailing them a private placement memorandum qualifying them. I mean that produced a pretty good lead and I got to tell you that if a guy goes through that whole process we know he’s accredited we know he’s got the money and who cares what we pitch him on. What we’ve done is we’ve pretty much determined that this guy is accredited and has the money and it’s up to you to pitch him on your particular deal.

We sell real estate investor leads for 50 cents a piece and if you buy 5,000 and if you buy 10,000 we go down to 40 cents if you have a san number I’ll scrub for you, if you don’t have a san number I’ll get you one. If you don’t want to get a san number you’ll sign my indemnity form I’ve got 1.3 million litigators that I for free I automatically pull them out I won’t sell you Pennsylvania, Montana, South Dakota, North Dakota, Hawaii, Alabama and now since last June no California and that’s another long story.

So why do I have these states I don’t sell you because they’re problematic because you’re gonna you have to solve the trouble no matter how clean and how compliant you are and I’d rather your checkbook remains open for my company to sell leads to you. I mean if your lead broker does not mention the fact that you shouldn’t be buying Pennsylvania, Montana, South Dakota, North Dakota or tell you about the Hawaii deal they’re not serving it. You know I have time I’m going to tell you the state of California wants me to put a portal up on my website where residents of California can look into my website and see if I have their data and opt out so I mean I’m looking at a can of worms here. I’m saying to myself well you know everyone’s on a do not call so dont piss them off to find out that I have their leads that I’m selling their name and they’re on the do not call. 

The bottom line is that you know these leads are dynamite they work very well and I put this database up against anything in the country no one has it. It’s what we call vertical they’re qualified hundred thousand minimum and they have email, IP, cell number I just appended the 33,000 of the 43,000 now have addresses. Again, if you’re doing real estate the best damn lead in the country only negative is there’s real estate agents in there and there’s flippers in there so that’s a problem. Hey John this guy’s a real estate agent I really can’t do anything with them I’ll replace them one for one disconnect real numbers idiots two for one so i got your ass covered been in business 31 years now A+ rating I think we got two complaints two years ago I used to say and we have zero complaints in 28 years. I’d always say to myself man it sounds too good to be true and then I get a call from the BBB and about two years ago John you’re telling people you have no complaints you really have two complaints. Two complaints in 31 years I can live with that and if you really want to get transparent let’s go to the ripoff report where I’ve been graced with two complaints both anonymous and one guy says he’s not a list broker why would he even bring up that he’s a list broker okay. I mean if that’s as bad as it gets you to know if you want to worry about credentials and that’s as bad as I get good luck I mean really I’m damn proud of my record and it’s simple business guys. It’s all fashion business the guy’s got a problem, take care of him. The leads are as good as the people that call them you know but the bottom line is I’ll replace them you know maybe once maybe even twice if I really really believe you but I’m not replacing them a third time because now it becomes your problem. 

Let me tell you something I feel bad for you guys because the real true salesman where I came from where I was brought up you know 30 years ago and I became the old fart you know what I’m saying. I became the old dog old school, but guess what I feel sorry for you guys there’ no closures left stock brokers I won’t even do business with stockbrokers it’s a joke. I would never buy from any of these guys remember me I’m the guy that doesn’t get to buy Snapple for god’s sake don’t insult me like that anyway I’m off tangent real estate investor leads, investor leads are us 561-239-0364 thank you for your time and god bless.

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