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Hi, everybody. My name is John Fischer. Welcome to You know, if you go to Google, Yahoo! or Bing and you punch in the word ‘investors’, it’s a broad keyword. And we have investors. Everything we sell is investors, but you gotta be careful on what type of a deal you’re looking for. Now, if you’re selling penny stock, yeah, ‘investors’ is good enough.

I was a broker for many years, and a helluva closer and, you know what, very early in my career, I found out that if I sold a $3000 deal and if I sold a $6000 deal or if I sold a $12,000 deal, I made more money on that $12,000 deal. And once I got it out of my head that maybe I couldn’t afford the 12,000, but the people I was talking to can afford it, I started making that much more money. So, it’s kinda like a mental thing. You know, if you are afraid to ask for big money, you’re never gonna see the big money. But I come from the school of big money. I come from the school of working with people who have a lot of money where if, God forbid, one of my customers is not on the up and right and he’s doing some hanky-panky and ripping and stealing, that he’s accredited and he’s sophisticated—And buyer, beware, if he’s got a million net worth, not including his home, he should be smart enough and sophisticated enough to do his homework. And that’s why I like selling accredited investors; that’s it.

Franchise buyers, 100,000 to $300,000 minimum. And, of course, bullion and coin buyers. Why? Because it’s what we call a…I can’t find the word…They’re actually getting a coin! You know, they’re actually getting the coin or the bullion. The IRA- I know it’s paper, but hopefully the IRA is good. But God forbid something is wrong, they have seven days to return that coin. And the worst scenario, it’s still a one-ounce coin. And maybe they charged an extra 40, $50 for the numismatic value, but he still has the value of that particular coin. So, that’s why I like working with what we call tangibles, ok? He’s got that in his hands. So, if you’re looking for investors, I focus on only accredited investors- 200,000 income, million net worth, not including his home, experience in managing his personal portfolio, $50,000 in risk capital.

I’ve got the Big Dogs, which is a qualified, accredited investor- quarter-million minimum to invest, five million in investable assets. And then, of course, the coin buyers. You know, I’m not quite sure what their qualifications are, but you can sell accredited investors to those guys real easy, but the coin buyers don’t have those kinds of big numbers. Some of these coin lists show what they bought, and a lot of them open up with a small coin, so there’s no way of knowing what kind of net worth they have, but they absolutely are buyers.

I only buy people who have bought numismatic coins and the companies are out of business. I know it’s a lot of information, but if you have any questions, especially if you’re looking for mailing lists. If I take the phone numbers off, guess what, they’re investors, and you can mail to them. We have those too. Thank you for your time. You have any information that you want or any questions answered, call me. 561-981-8777. Have a beautiful day, and God bless.

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