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Hi, everybody. My name is John Fischer. Welcome to Let’s talk about high net worth database. And I like this one. What’s ‘high net worth’? I mean we know what that is. High net worth is a million plus, I consider to be high net worth. Database. What is a database? Ok, so you got ‘accredited investor lead’ is one guy; ‘accredited investor leads’ is more than one guy; ‘accredited investor list’ is a number of accredited investors; ‘accredited investor lists’ is a number of lists, so there may be an oil-and-gas list and there may be a real estate list. And then there’s database.

Database is usually an Excel file or some kind of Access or whatever, and they call it a database. So, usually, database is big. It’s 3, 4, 5,000, a thousand names, whatever it is, a hundred thousand names, where a list, usually, is a small amount of people. I think what’s important is if you’re selling a Reg-D 504, 505, 506, for the most part, they have to be accredited. So I think you gotta set a benchmark, especially when you’re buying leads. You say to your lead broker, ‘Hey, I’m looking for high-net-worth investors or a high-net-worth database.’ They have to be at least accredited; they have to have at least a million dollar net worth.

So, instead of using ‘a high net worth’, I caution ya, you should use the word ‘accredited’ because it’s a lot more specific. I mean is 800,000 a high net worth? Is 900,000 a high net worth? Some people may say yes, but is it enough to make him accredited? See what I’m talking about? So, yeah, I mean, we know what you mean by ‘high net worth’ individuals, but let’s make sure you specify it. So, when you go into Google and you go looking for leads in the future, if you’re looking for ‘high net worth database’, database being a lot of people that have a high net worth, you’re vulnerable there, by having that ‘high net worth’, you know? Be specific! Say, ‘Hey, I want the guy to be accredited, at least a million net worth’ or say, ‘Hey, I need this guy to be qualified-accredited. I need him to have at least five million in investible assets, let alone net worth.’ So a qualified, accredited investor, he’s got, not only a million net worth, he’s got a lot more than that. He’s got 5,000,000 available for investments, so God knows how much he really has. So you see the difference? So, when you’re looking for ‘high net worth database’, maybe a high net worth database is qualified- accredited, and not accredited.

So, remember, the accredited’s a million plus, and the qualified-accredited has to have 5,000,000, at least 5,000,000, in investible assets. I hope that helped you out. You have any questions, call me, John Fischer: 561-981-8777. Have a beautiful day. God bless.

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