Private Placement

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Hi, my name is John Fisher, welcome to What’s a private placement? A private placement is a vehicle that people use to raise money. Back in the old days, it used to be general partnership, so they got shut down by the SEC. Then you had the LLCs and of coure the SCC can’t do that anymore, and then they came out with the LLPs which is a limited liability, not corporation but a partnership.

Problems, once again, and then all of the sudden the private placement appear, and it seems to be the investment right now that I see a lot of people doing. The problem with private placement, and you have so of these 505s where you have an exemption you can bring in 35 not accredited people. I don’t suggest you bring in anyone that’s not accredited. All it’s gotta do is bring lead to you. The FCC wants to make sure that you’re not bringing people that the risk is high. And the bottom-line is why mess around if you wanna have accredited investors. When you’re doing a private placement, you’re looking for accredited investors and that’s what we do. We sell accredited investors, we’ve been in business 29 years, we have an A+ rating, we have a great database, we have many many verticals oil and gas, specifically real estate.

We’re also good when it comes with precious metals at the bullion market. If you’re looking for leads to pick up people to put it to your 504 506 give us a call, 561-239-0364, I’ll answer any question you have.

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