Oil and Gas Lead

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Hi, my name is John Fisher, welcome to specialize in oil and gas lead. What’s an oil and gas lead? An oil and gas lead is a guy that’s looking to get involved in some kind of drilling venture so they put 50 people together. Let’s say they raise hypothetically $1 million, so everybody gets a percentage of what the profit is, once they hit the oil and it comes out. They got the oil truck that pulls the oil every single month whatever that number is. After the expenses, the whichever way the contracts written.

Whatever is left over, you get that piece in a royalty check every single month. So an oil and gas lead is exactly that. It’s a guy that requested information about those stocks and investments. So the most part 95% are more accredited, and what the accredited part is that they have to have $200,000 income last two years, $1 million net worth not including their home, experienced in managing their personal portfolio. Oil and gas leads which I built this company on 29 years now, it’s people they have requested information, have been vetted and mailed a private place with memorandum. The guys got skilled in the game. I don’t think he’s gonna mail a private place memorandum, somebody who doesn’t think maybe, they got a close.

If you have any question, feel free to call me. We scrub against the 1.3 million litigators, and we’ll go ahead and get you a stand number if you don’t have a stand number. Again, any question, 561-239-0364.

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