Oil and Gas Investors

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Hey everybody my name is John Fischer, welcome to Today, we will be talking about oil and gas investors. We sell oil and gas investors and what that means is these are people have been vetted by a broker-dealer the guy calls him up hey how you doing we’ve got an oil and gas investment in order for you to participate there are certain requirements you must meet to be an accredited investor. An accredited investor makes 200,000 a year for the last two years or 300,000$ combined, has a million net worth not including his home, and has experience in managing his personal portfolio.

They ask are you an accredited investor and the guy says yes otherwise he’s not going to send him information hey by the way our investment is 25,000-50,000 dollars are you liquid, is it risk capital, do you like what you see, do you have that kind of money in the bank ready to go? Guy says yes and then what happens they mail him a private placement memorandum. So this broker’s on the hook this broker’s going to get in trouble if he’s mailing private placement memorandums and they’re not closing so he’s not just sending that paper, he’s not doing wallpaper it happens once in a while you know once a while you buy some leads it’s nothing but wallpaper. There’s guys in California who think fake them it’s counterfeit bootleg leads God it’s crazy, but the bottom line is that’s what we sell. We sell them for 50 cents apiece 2,000 minimum and if you buy 5,000 or 10,000 we could talk about a better price for you, but usually we don’t buy that many it’s not companies that generate that many leads, info USA, lead genie, sales genie modeled information they take everybody to zip code they add up everybody’s income divided by how many people and everybody gets to sign that number they do that with income, they do that with home value, they do it with age and it’s an average 55-60% accuracy and you’re gonna go ahead and pay seven cents apiece because you’re a piker.

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I’m not trying to offend you but you know what, people that pay seven cents apiece hello seven cents a piece for leads are pikers you can’t sit there and think that you could spend 350$ to raise millions of dollars. Come on guys give me a break, now if you want to buy a seven cent lead because you’ve got a room that’s generating and qualifying leads you have a big fat dollar that needs 50,000 leads 5,000 an hour or something like that. I’ve got those, I’ve got 1.5 million, but if you call me up and say hey I’m looking to buy 5,000 leads for 7 cents a piece I’m going to be like you know you’re under capitalized, you’re never gonna do anything and if you raise money whoever first sends you money then they’re gonna lose their money. You’re not my kind of guy so let’s understand one thing we sell the real deal and they sell that info USA garbage and that’s it and you know what that garbage may be good for I don’t know breast cancer, you know charities or maybe good for political stuff but these guys know nothing about oil and gas. They’re not accredited then they’re not you know I heard I had a customer bitching that they were sold as coin leads. They don’t sell coin leads there is no they have a potential potential to go ahead and buy coin leads. I don’t want a potential to buy anything okay, I want a guy who buys coin leads, I want a guy who requested information about coin leads.

You have any questions about oil and gas investors feel free to call me, i’m trying to protect you guys because you know what I’m so tired of hearing you know what we bought from you hey that’s your problem you’re paying seven cents a name you get what you pay for we sell our data 50 cents a name 2,000 minimum. Because it’s a numbers game I want to make sure you hit your numbers, thousand dollar minimum or we don’t do business, okay? So by the way tell me or whoever you talk to that you saw the infamous piker ball and as long as you spend twenty five hundred dollars, which definitely doesn’t make you a piker i will definitely give you one of these beautiful no piker balls have a beautiful day 561-239-0364 god bless.

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