Investor Leads

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Hi, my name is John Fisher, welcome to Guess what we’re gonna talk about, investor leads. That’s my favorite keyword. So a keyword is something that when you go to Google, you punch in whatever it is. You punch in that word to find leads or whatever you’re looking for. Investor leads is what we do. We’ve been doing it after 30 years. The model should be it’s a brand new site, we had it for a while, but we are redeveloping right now, we’re tuning it in. So you wanna take a look at the mothership and happens to be That’s what we sell investor leads.

investor leads

As a matter of fact, let’s take a step further. Accredited investor leads is the majority of our business, and then we have the numismatic coin buyers and we have the gold bullion buyers, and those are investors also, but they’re precious metals investor leads. So we cover all that stuff. If you have any kind of question whatsoever about any vertical. A vertical happens to be real estate, it happens to be a high-tech deal, happens to be oil and gas, it happens to be whatever. So depending on the verticals, what the actual product that you’re selling, that’s what we do for a living. . So if you have any questions whatsoever and you’re looking for a specific investor lead, feel free to call me at 561-981-8777 or feel free to check out the mothership, which is , have a beautiful day and god bless.

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