Franchise Leads

What are Franchise Leads?

Franchise Leads are business professionals looking to get into the franchise business. The company finds these leads through an extensive database where leads can be filtered by location, job title, and size of the company. Larger companies will have an even greater number of prospects on their platform. Franchise Leads are not looking for immediate investment, but rather see the potential to earn a higher return on their investment in the future.

Franchise lead attrition is a serious problem for most franchisors. A Franchise Lead’s ability to invest and grow revenue over time is key to its value as an asset for a franchisor. In the early stages of development, lost Franchise Leads can be lost forever, and that is far too costly in terms of both operational funds and lost revenue.

Franchise Leads are often hard to find due to franchise versus non-franchise-related searches.

Where can I find Franchise Leads?

At Investor Lead we specialize in Accredited Investor Leads. Our database is filled with qualified investors across the U.S.

Since this is an investor lead service we are very interested in your information regarding your business and your intended investment timeframe:

What is the maximum amount of investment you are willing to put into a Franchise Leads program?

What cities do you have an interest in? This can help us focus on the most profitable franchise opportunities around you.

How will you market to these franchise leads? If you are working directly with a franchise development company, they will be able to help guide your leads through the process.

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