Cannabis Leads

If you are looking for cannabis leads then you have come to the right place! is affiliated with and we have been in the lead industry for over 30 years specializing in accredited investor leads.

What are cannabis leads?

Cannabis leads are a specialized kind of lead in an industry that will attract more accreditation. Cannabis is a very new industry, however, the banking industry has been doing it for years and has improved greatly over the past few years. Banking is more regulated with less risk. This makes investing in this particular sector an attractive choice for accredited investors.

How do cannabis leads work?

There are numerous ways to obtain cannabis leads as well as information about upcoming opportunities within the cannabis space. Cannabis leads will come from the banks, who can have a large amount of information about the companies that are looking for financing. This will give the investor the opportunity to earn a good return while also discovering some great deals!

What is the difference between cannabis leads and standard leads?

In order to get accredited cannabis leads, you must be an accredited investor. Once you become an accredited investor you are eligible to receive information that can generate profits as well as finds within the cannabis industry. In addition, when planning out your investments, you will want to pay attention to the companies that are listed in media outlets such as Leafly, New Cannabis Ventures, and more. The information that these publications provide is invaluable for accreditation investors looking for a way to run their businesses efficiently and make money.

Why are cannabis leads important?

Accredited cannabis leads are extremely important! Accredited investors are naturally more experienced and tend to put more money into the marijuana industry than investors who have never invested in the industry. With cannabis leads, accredited investors are able to perform due diligence on investments that would not normally be made by non-accredited investors due to the risk involved.

How do I purchase cannabis leads?

With so much information available on this website, you will definitely be able to find the kind of investments that suit your own portfolio and also help you grow your business! So follow this link or call them at 561-239-0364 or email John Fischer at

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