Accredited Investors

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Hi, my name is John, welcome to Not to be mistaken with, Cathy, she deals strictly with seven cents leads, what we call tiger leads, truth to be said, they’re infousa, they’re pretty much what we call model information. No accredited investors there, it’s pretty much a guest. They take the zip+4 average, not the kind of data that you wanna be using, and I’m just telling you it’s like phone book, it’s not work. You ask cheap, and that’s your thing, go have some fun, but the bottom-line is,, we use accredited investors, we use people that have been served by a broker dealer, have been vetted to be accredited, make sure the guy is 25,000 to $50,000 liquid risk capital, and have been set a private placement memorandum.

accredited investors

So big difference between that and infousa data. On top of that, we scrub our data against the 1.3 million professional DNC litigators that we personally, I put together, there is about 160,000 that we could prove are litigated by looking at their records, and then the rest, we have suspicions about them. We don’t take chances. Why would we sell that thing to make an extra 50 20 30 cents per lead and have a potential problematic. We zip them out of there. Bottom-line is my competitors don’t even know what a DNC litigator is. I gotta tell you something, very very scary that you should look into it. You wanna a list broker that’s aware of that kinda stuff. If you have a stand number, we’ll go ahead and scrub your leads, we’re a service providers. If you don’t have a stand number, we’ll get one, if you don’t wanna a stand number, just sign our indemnity letter which indemnifies my employees.

Other than that, we’ve been in business 29 years we have A+ rating, and by the way, happens to be the mothership just have to be one of my 50 websites that we have. If you have any questions, feel free to call me, my leads are 50 cents apiece, $1.000 minimum, 2,000 leads at 50 cents that’s our minimum. We give you four different files, diversity to make sure you hit on something. You’ll be really happy with us. Again, A+ rating, 29 years, we know what we’re doing, and I’m a one man operation, so we don’t do that village bike but we have the village bike, and we don’t have 100 leads. I’m not that good. If you have any questions about accredited investors, 561-239-0364, thanks for your time.

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