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Hi everybody my name is John Fischer welcome to investor lead, not to be mistaken with the fundamental difference between myself and Kathy who owns that firm and we know each other, sometimes we kind of clash, but you know I say it like it is. What I sell is the real data what she sells is info usa, lead genie, sales genie, and it’s what we call model information.

It’s a zip plus 4 average and quite frankly it just doesn’t work, you know here’s the difference if you’re talking about an investor my leads 90 of them are broker dealer calls the guy up a broker makes sure he reads of the definition of your accredited investor is 25,000-50,000$ are a comfortable entry level and they get a private placement memorandum shipped to them or I sell a guy that bought a private placement in many cases I have the amount of money that he actually invested so that’s the data I sell for 50 cents. The client list can go from five to a dollar okay investor leads with the s dot com, info usa you know seven cents a name and the bottom line is you get what you pay for and you know yeah it’s like phone book and if you’re really really good you can close the phone book, but I’m just telling you if you’re going to pay seven cents a name I’ve got all stuff that we’ve cleaned up that we ping that means that the phone is active and you know at least you have an accredited investor.

investor lead

We call it the village bike, been ridden by everybody, but it’s been so long the companies are already out of business mostly the stuff from the west coast and I’ve got maybe two million names. So guys if you’re going to buy something for seven cents and I don’t do that I don’t sell five thousand for three hundred fifty dollars you know that’s a red flag for me if you only got 350$ to raise millions something is very wrong your undercapitalized and it’s already a problem waiting to happen, but if you have a dialer and you got a prospecting room and you know you’re pumping as many leads into that dollar as possible to keep that machine going that’s qualifying leads for you then it makes sense for me to sell you fifty thousand for seven cents and that’s thirty five hundred dollars. It’s a decent deal for me and it’s data that you know I have no problem with, but again investor lead that’s me dot com singular no s that’s the real deal it’s accredited investors, private placement memorandum recipients accredited.

Investor leads with an s is info usa, lead genie, sales genie, there is no history of a broker talking to them they have not been vetted and they have not been qualified and they have not received a private placement memorandum. Sorry Kathy the truth is the truth, you can challenge me all you want, but I’m telling the truth. Which would you rather buy and by the way guys if you’re paying 350$ to raise millions I’m not going to talk to you anyway. I mean that’s ridiculous I mean talk about being undercapitalized and I hate to use that dirty word, but I don’t like pikers. Matter of fact we have a no piker ball somewhere you know what I really should have that no piker ball I don’t know where it is, but the bottom line is if you want good leads and you want to go with the investor lead singular dot com guy he’s the guy’s got the information we sell them at 50 cents apiece a thousand dollar minimum.

If you have a san number we’ll scrub, if you don’t have a san number we’ll get you one, if you don’t want to get a san number we’ll make you sign an indemnity letter. We can’t scrub without a san number I’ll get in trouble, but I’ve got 1.3 million professional litigators and they’re the real troublemakers we pop those guys out of there. If you have any questions about investor lead feel free to call me 561-239-0364 have a beautiful day and god bless.

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