Hi everybody my name is john fisher welcome to at we specialize in accredited investors what makes us different from everybody else out there.

Especially at, our stuff is vetted our people have been spoken to by a brokered dealer. 

They’ve asked them, do you make 200,000 a year for the last two years? Have you got a million that worked on including your home? Are you experienced in managing your personal portfolio? They’ve been mailed the private placement memorandum. 

We’ve been around 31 years we have an A+ rating and we’re really good at what we do. I’m a one-man operation I’ve got my supports and I got to tell you not many people lead

brokers are standing right now, things are slow. Doing this for 31 years and being a very successful broker so I can just tell you that it’s not the leads, it’s really the people that call the leads. 

The one suggestion I could just give you guys is if you’re looking for salesmen or saleswomen which you always are i got to tell you something, disabled veterans they’re the best way to go. Call your disabled veteran organization in your city and tell them you’re looking to hire some guys and they’ll work their butts off. They’ll be proud to work for you. People will be proud to invest with them and you’re doing a good thing. 

If you have any questions whatsoever about please give me a call at 561-239-0364. Trust me our leads are better than anyone that’s out there right now, especially at 

Hi everybody my name is John Fischer welcome to Not to be mistaken with pretty much sells a cheap lead modeled information info USA you know lead genie that kind of stuff. They’ve not been vetted all they have been done is uh a zip plus for average and that’s it modeled information. That’s what you’re getting and uh it doesn’t work. All you gotta do is look at their credentials and take a look at how many people aren’t happy with what they get I mean phone book is phone book it’s terrible. 

Here at uh investor our stuff is vetted if you’re looking for accredited investors if you’re looking for numismatic coin buyers they actually bought a numismatic coin you know we’re giving you real information. The prices are 50 cents apiece for 5,000, 10,000 we dropped down to 40 cents apiece. If we do bigger numbers we can do that for you I’ve got business leads and I’ve got defunct list companies that I bought the entire database. I went out went ahead and cleaned them out and I could give you that stuff 50,000 for seven cents and again it’s all vetted companies from the west coast are no longer in business. Such as United Marketing and a few other companies.

We call it the village bike because it’s been ridden by everybody but i gotta tell you something they’re good leads for 7 cents 10 cents a name depending on how many you buy so if you have any questions whatsoever and you want to buy some real leads give us a call 561-239-0364 have a beautiful day and god bless.

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