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Hello everybody, my name is John Fisher, welcome walk up to I want to talk about accredited investor list and lists. What is an accredited investor? Accredited investor makes 200 thousand a year for the last two years, a million net worth not including his home experience at managing his personal portfolio.

We take it a step further because our leads are coming from broker dealers they are what we call “BQL” – they have been qualified by a broker who’s invested in this game – he’s looking to make ten percent commission, he’s the guy who’s sending out the pride of place memorandum in the hope of closing him and receiving that 10 percent commission on 25 or 50 thousand dollars. him sending out that P.P.M. is the qualification, so unlike some of my competitors on the West Coast that used Philippines, I mean come on, if you really think that the Philippines can produce an investor lead accredited investor lead, and what real accredited investor is going to take time out of the busy schedule and give all this financial information to a total stranger with a nonspecific investments survey.

I mean, you know what, if you’re a broker dealer, you’re calling me up and you’re talking about this great new tech deal, you know, I may say you know what, I am accredited, I am interested, send me that PPM and that’s the reason why I would give up that information but we have many top types of deals and we just want to make sure you’re accredited, I hang up on the guy, it’s not your business.

So, what makes our leads different, what makes our list and list from anybody else is unlike, let’s say, seven cents a name, Info USA, Lead Gini, all of his name address, phone number and it’s a Zip plus four average, it’s what we call ‘model information’, they are not accredited investors, it’s an assumption. My guys have read the definition of accredited investor and they actually said “yes, I am an accredited investor”, they were qualified 25 to 50, doesn’t mean they’re not qualified for anything, you’ll find out for yourself. And if you really think that you can buy a lead for seven cents a day other than my Kentucky fried turkey, the Village Bike we’ll talk about it later, you’re not going to be able to find that, it just won’t happen.

Now, the accredited investor list and lists we have we sell at a dollar apiece one thousand minimum, the reason being it’s a numbers game and the economy and the craziness going on right now, it takes a thousand leads to close a couple of deals; you don’t close a couple of deals, you are not coming back to me, I’m not taking a chance, I’ll show you $500 worth of leads so you have the experience of “yes, I’ve tried these leads out and they didn’t work out”, what didn’t work out was you didn’t spend enough money and you didn’t let the numbers kick in your favor.

So, remember, a thousand dollar minimum, one dollar a piece and by the way, for every thousand you spend, you get 100 of the best leads in the country – the big dogs – big dogs are coming from the biggest oil and gas that are in the country, a quarter million minimum, five million in investible assets – what the security exchange commission classifies as a ‘qualified accredited investor’. And why do I give $100 or $5 leads away for free? Because I’m hoping you’ll give them to your number one number top producer, do not give it to your bid teams, do not give it to your closers, and you know you got a bunch of ‘em can’t close their zippers, you’re gonna waste my time and waste your money. Give them to your top guys and you’ll see they have a tremendous tremendous buying power.

If you go to the Mothership, in the middle look at the testimonials you’ll see what I’m talking about. That’s not me, take a look at my customers and their experience. If you have any questions about accredited investor list and lists, call me John Fisher: 561-981-8777. Have a beautiful day and God bless.

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