6 Tips for Selling to Oil and Gas Investors

We have compiled some of the best tips for selling to oil and gas investors. Now, when you go to make your pitch, you have a higher likelihood of being able to close the deal. The first step is to make sure that the lead list you’re working from is full of accredited investors and contains accurate data.

We have been selling these lists for 29 years and our customers keep coming back because the data is quality and makes it possible to have conversations with the right people. Once you know that you are calling qualified accredited investors, follow these five tips for the best results.

Five tips for selling to oil and gas investors

Have a look at the these tips for selling to oil and gas investors:

#1 Do your research

Accredited investors are savvy and if they have experience investing in oil and gas, they will know the market. Your job is to know the market better than they do. It is critical that you do your research before making the call. Know what’s happening in the industry, learn about the latest technology and extraction techniques, pay attention what to what’s happening in the stock market, etc. Make sure that your credibility remains intact by being a subject matter expert.

#2 Know your deal inside and out

Study your private placement offering very carefully and know the deal inside and out. If you are asked a question about deal structure terms it is important to know the answer without having to get back to them. Keep in mind, these investors may have invested in the past and could have a deal structure they prefer.

#3 Connect with oil and gas investors on a personal level

To avoid sounding like a telemarketer, you need to make a connection with your leads right away. This is possible even if you don’t have a lot of information. Just by looking at where they live, and look at the weather, comment on a local sports team or local event in order to establish a common ground.

#4 What’s in it for them

After establishing a bond, tell investors what is in it for them. This is not about the money you need to raise but the money they can make. This is the only reason they will want to invest of get that out in the open right away.

#5 Your path to the future

Business owners are able to draw more money from potential acquirers if they can clearly communicate the future vision, how their strategies will bring the aspect of growth in markets and profitability, and unexploited opportunities in industries. In addition, particular and pragmatic financial forecasts presenting potential growth are key in convincing the buyer about the value of the business.

#6 Create a reason to follow up and schedule it

Accredited oil and gas investors will want information before you can close a deal. The process is going to take several conversations in exchange of information. Make sure that after you have convinced them of the benefit of investing, you create a reason to follow up. We suggest arranging for follow-ups both on email and on a phone appointment.

For example, let them know that you will be emailing out additional information and confirm their email address. Then, schedule an appointment to speak again on the phone. Do not leave it open ended. Instead, get them to agree to a set date and time which makes it more likely that they will remember the initial conversation, look at the documents in your email and be available to speak when you want to chat.

It all starts with having a lead list of accredited oil and gas investors

We can provide you with the right list to make it easier to have the conversation with investors they can invest in your deal. Get the leads you need by contacting John Fischer at 561-981-8777 or email and order a new lead list from  

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